Stress Management

Stress Management Sessions

  • Sessions for those that experience general anxiety.

  • Develop realistic steps to help soothe thoughts that trigger headaches, nervousness, panic attacks.

  • Learn how to calm yourself and break the patterns.

  • Improve the inner dialogue you have with yourself

  • Complimentary 15 min. intake.

  • Designed with Empaths and the highly sensitive in mind


1st session: 
Approx. 45 min., discovery questionnaire of your personal path and goals


2nd session:
(To be within 2-7 days), One-on-one visual meditation. Based on your needs, we will go through managing triggers with breathing techniques and visualizations. Learn how to implement realistic techniques into your day-to-day life; approx. 45 min. Includes personalized Essential oil spray. 


3rd session:
(To be within 2-7 days) Energy work with aromatherapy; during this time we will focus on clearing out energy and emotions that no longer serve you, allowing you to feel refreshed and revived; approx. 75 min.


$180 may pay half the first session and half the third.

Additional Meditation sessions after series completion $35

Additional Reiki sessions $75

*I am not qualified to give advice in decision making or to help those whom suffer with severe anxiety, eating or phobia disorders.

Stress Management Sessions for Kids

  • Shorter sessions are designed for those aged 6 though 17.

  • Sometimes younger people do not have a sense of what is causing them anxiety, struggles with falling asleep, or waking up in the night; learning some helpful tools can ease this for them.

  • During guided breathing exercises and meditation, they can learn to empower themselves and discover opportunities to incorporate these methods.

  • Complimentary 20 minute phone intake consultation with parent/guardian.

  • Session length is dependent on the individual.

  • We will go over their perception of what they need and go forward with explaining the breath as a tool, the connection between thoughts and how to soothe themselves as these thoughts surface.

  • Sessions can also incorporate stretches, sound and/or aromatherapy.


2 sessions, within 2 weeks, $30 each. Vary in length from 30-60 minutes.