Reiki Sessions

$85, 75 minutes (includes intake and outtake time)

3 Session Bundle: $230 ($25 savings) 

Reiki promotes deep relaxation and self-healing. People receive Reiki sessions for a variety of reasons and intentions. 

Reiki has been known to: 


  • help strengthen the immune system

  • heal old emotional wounds

  • provide an overall sense of wellbeing

See Blog Post for more about Reiki. 

Most clients leave feeling calm and balanced, yet each person has the session they are meant to have and can vary between a profound experience or a general sense of feeling good or peaceful.

Reiki sessions can include sound healing and aromatherapy 

Clients should wear loose fitting clothes for their session and eat a light meal before their service. 

Leslie does receive messages from time to time during sessions. We will ask permission to share if you would like to hear them. 

Please arrive a few minutes before your session at the Laughing Elephant Yoga studio at 1171 Spartanburg Hwy in Hendersonville. 

You can book your session with Leslie at or call the studio: 828-595-9747



Distant Healing Reiki

Reiki Sessions can be held anywhere through distant channeling. Clients report same effects of a session held in the studio. Used when physically cannot travel to the studio or to send to a loved one that is not in the area. Contact your practitioner of choice to schedule.

$75, approximately 45-60 minutes. 

Contact your practitioner directly for questions and book online with buttons above!





Hospice/Hospital Reiki Session

$85, approx. 75 minutes for Henderson & Buncombe County

Price will vary out of area

End-of-life for our loved ones is a unique situation for every family. Reiki used in hospice care can ease tensions or discomfort. Clients report euphoric feelings during or after their session. Sessions are on-site

In-hospital Reiki is available upon request for NICU/Pediatric visits, pre/post surgery, chemotherapy and the likes. 

Contact Leslie directly for appointments: 

Reiki Workshops

Reiki Workshops available for levels I, II, III and Master Instructor

All levels include certificates and materials 

Reiki I, approx. 6 hours $150 

Reiki II, approx. 6 hours $225 

Reiki III, approx. 8 hours $360 (available to split into 2 days)

Master Instructor, approx. 6 hours $650 

  • Discounts available for private group class sizes of 3-5.

  • Set-up your workshop with Leslie at 512.975.0631

What to expect to learn from your Reiki Workshops

Reiki I: 

History of Reiki

Chakra System

Establish your Energetic Boundary

Learn the first symbol in Reiki and how to use it

Practice & receive Reiki

*Materials from William Rand and other sources

Receive Certificate 

Reiki II:

How to send Reiki aka Distant Healing

Self protection, knowing your intuition

Using Sage/Palo Santo

Learn the next symbols and how to use them

*Materials from William Rand and other sources

Receive Certificate

Reiki III:

Learn about Reiki Grids & Crystals

Extended Reiki Hands

Learn Master Symbol

Receive Certificate


Learn Powerful healing tools

How to do attunements for others

Receive Certificate

Set-up with Leslie for your workshop

**Reiki II is an advanced form of healing that I encourage individuals to use for a significant length of time before continuing to Master symbol. 

***Practicing Reiki will ALWAYS be available with Leslie at Peace of Movement at no additional charge for students; dates are TBD per student/teacher schedules. Generally 1-3 additional practice sessions seem to be suffice.