Protection Box Set includes items needed to clear negativity out from your living/working environment as well as your personal energy field. 


Each box set comes with instructions on how to use the items and also links to a video meditation. 


Stones for protection, Essential Oil spray, Dragon Blood Sage & Black Sage smudge stick, Soy Votive Candle & Herbs.


Black Tourmaline and Hematite are known for their ability to absorb and transmute negative energy. Selenite will raise ones personal vibration, making it easier to block absorbing other energy. The Tiger Eye bracelet offers personal protection all day.


The herbs can be burned with your unscented Soy Votive or used in a warm tub or foot soak.


Shield Spray helps to keep the lower vibrations from infiltrating your energy field.


Dragon Blood powder is used on White Sage to banish harsh negativity and Black Sage helps ward off psychic attack energy.


You can gift this to a friend that has mentioned feeling tired or drained at the end of the work day or if they have mentioned feeling their home has negative energy. 


All crystals, essential oils and herbs are high quality; sage are responsibly resourced. The image of products shown is just an example of what you will recieve, they will not be the exact items. 


If this is a gift we can include a note! Just let us know. 

Protection Box Set

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