Integrate the utmost momentum for your goals! Don't fear what you want- embrace it! You have a dream, a vision that you're working on achieving and yes, there are items you can use to intensify turning them into reality. 


Know someone starting on a new path or journey? This is the perfect gesture to show you support their dreams. 


Each box set comes with instructions on how to use the items and also links to a video meditation.


Stones to support the vision, Essential Oil spray, Palo Santo smudge stick, Soy Votive Candle & Herbs.


Crystal Quartz is a "Master Stone" and responsible for carrying out the intentions you set. Jade helps to clear away self-imposed doubt and Ammonite (a fossil) holds time to make your goals universally true. 


New Moon spray is magical as it contains oils to make it feel safe and secure to identify your specific vision along with a mini Quartz Crystal (inside each bottle) to amplify these ideas PLUS this bottle soaked up the New Moon sky which contains all the potential energy.


The herbs are a blend to help clear away doubt, support your focus and can be burned in the unscented soy votive or used in a tub for a full body or foot soak.


The smoke of Palo Santo cleans your energy field, clearing away negativity so you can feel safe to explore your vision.


All crystals and herbs are high quality and the palo santo is carefully resourced. The image of products shown is just an example of what you will recieve, they will not be the exact items. 


If this is a gift we can include a note! Just let us know. 

Manifesting Box Set

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