The tools included in this set are what you need if you feel like you need to get out of your head! This Grounding set is also wonderful if you or someone you know experiences general anxiety, if you're looking to comfort a friend going through a tough time after losing a job or perhaps nerovus about a new job or home. 

When we feel grounded, we feel safe and secure.


Each box set comes with instructions on how to use the items and also links to a video meditation.


Stones for grounding, Essential Oil spray, White Sage smudge stick, Soy Votive Candle & Herbs.


Smokey Quartz, Desert Jasper and Carnelian are phenominal grounding stones with multiple capabilities. Hematite can be worn all day to assist in grounding; hematite will absorb any negativity to prevent the wearer from being distracted.


The herbs are a blend to be burned in the unscented Soy votive or used in a tub for a full body or foot soak.


The smoke of Sage clears away negativity so we can feel safe and connected to Earth.


Easy-to-follow meditaiton will help you maintain the mindset of feeling connected. 


All crystals and herbs are high quality and sage is responsibly resourced. The image of products shown is just an example of what you will recieve, they will not be the exact items. 

If this is a gift we can include a note! Just let us know. 

Grounding Box Set

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