How do you balance your Chakras? Included are the items needed to do this.


Don't fret! Each box set comes with instructions on how to use the items and also links to a video meditation!


Stones for each Chakra, Labradorite Bracelet, Essential Oil spray, Palo Santo smudge stick, Soy Votive Candle & Herbs.


Our Chakra system holds emotional energy and if we feel "off" from time to time, balancing the chakra system helps us feel emotionally balanced so we can respond from a place of feeling centered. 



Root: Black Hematite 

Sacral: Peach Moonstone

Solar Plexus: Tiger Eye

Heart: Green Aventurine

Throat: Amazonite

Third-eye: Amethyst

Crown: Lemurian Quartz Crystal


Labradorite unifies all chakras and can be worn throughout the day to encourage this.


The herbs can be burned with the unscented Soy votive candle or used in your tub for body or foot soak.


Palo Santo is a sweet smelling smudge stick that will cleanse your aura field.


The Essential oil spray has an oil for each chakra, to be used any time of the day. 


The simple-to-follow meditation will make it practical for you to learn to keep your chakras balanced as time goes by. 


This box set is wonderful for any friend that you know is into the "woowoo" but you're not sure where to begin! 


All crystals and herbs are high quality and the palo santo is carefully resourced. The image of products shown is just an example of what you will recieve, they will not be the exact items. 

If this is a gift we can include a note! Just let us know. 

Chakra Strong Box Set

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