What is Stress Management?

Will Stress Management make all the stress go away? Short Answer: No.

Managing your stress or anxiety is about finding techniques to redirect your thoughts as well as reminding your body what being calm and balanced feels like.

The tricky part is understanding that you have control and are ready to do something about it.

Speaking from experience, we can be pretty cruel to ourselves and sometimes that gets comfortable, after all, we’ve always been there. We know our intentions, what we’ve witnessed and our past actions. I got into this form of work because sharing tools to find a healthy inner dialogue is obtainable and helping others is my passion. I understand being sensitive; I understand what it takes for forgiveness- not just towards others, but ourselves.

My clients experience feeling lighter, they experience shedding old thoughts and reactions and experience finding a friendly version of their inner voice.

If you’re ready to jump start tackling your general anxiety or stress, I am here to support you.