Mother Earth

Over a month ago, I was instructed by the CDC and Board of Massage to close business until further notice, which meant I had to cancel all appointments for both Peace of Movement and my Doula services.This change of my daily life made me feel uneasy and anxious. The first week of being home, I did what most of you likely did: the "spring cleaning" of our home. The second week and those to follow, I found myself being completely unsure of the future, felt consumed by the news and felt like I had no control. Can you relate?

I had to change something, but what did I have control over? I found myself outside; I am fortunate to have a big yard complete with flower gardens and a vegetable garden.This is my therapy. This is whats keeping me focused. This is my Zen. Digging in the dirt, Mother Earth herself, and being grateful for the break she gets during this time. I discovered as I nourished the Mother Earth, I nourished myself.

Additionally, I have been honored to host a nest of Robins in a bush next to my sitting spot on the porch. It has been so awesome to have baby birds hatch and grow right in front of me. I felt like Universe provided for me by allowing me to care for babies too.

I hope that you have found your own Zen throughout all of this. I wish that we will be connected again soon and I'll show you more images of the plants and Robins I tended to.

Erin Allgood