How do you Self-Care?

Taking time to have some self-care is getting much more attention, which is wonderful; cups are getting filled left and right. Are you also finding time to take a break from yourself?

What do I mean by that?

Have you ever tried to take a break from your worry? What would happen if for your waking hours, starting first thing, you didn't let your self think about bills to be paid, how much you didn't like someone or what they did to you, an uncomfortable memory, a complaint about a body part? What if you told yourself immediately when one if these thoughts arose, "not today," and replaced it with something you are grateful for, a comforting memory or something good about yourself? For every worry that popped up you tell yourself "I'll worry about that tomorrow."

Is one full day too challenging? Try one hour then.


1. You'll notice how frequently or seldomly these negative thoughts surface.

2. Learning to sweep negative thoughts aside is a powerful tool that benefits how you feel.

This is the challenge; can you do it? I'd love to know how you fare.