How did I get to where I am now?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Helping people find peace in their movement.

If I had to pick a starting point in my adult life, April of 2004 my Dad survived being hit by a car on foot, and left him with a severe, traumatic brain injury. Myself along with my first husband, took care of him for many months once he was released from the hospital; I was 26, newly married and soon pregnant with my first child.

My Dad was one of my closest confidants; his suffering required a lot of care and the dynamic of our relationship was now completely flipped, where I was now responsible for his life, rehabilitation and hygiene.

In 2007, my then-husband developed paranoid schizophrenia and after 3 years of trying to help him and adjust to his mental illness, we divorced. It was painful to watch a sweet person become a complete stranger and I had a deep understanding of not being able to control choices someone else makes, no matter how much you love them.

My stepmom died suddenly in 2010 and now my dad was to be in a nursing home, where he passed 4 years later, never having fully recovered from his head injury.

I got through many of these moments (and more) over the decade, with the help of a variety of therapies, such as counseling, psychologist appointments, massage,

acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, chiropractics, exercise, sound healing, meditation, reiki and energy work. I had to conquer many obstacles and do believe that it is possible to live with inner peace amongst the turmoil of life. I do believe it is possible to thrive but it does take effort and honesty, some of which can be hard.

Healing from our past experiences and/or choices, is not about judgement and it’s not about being shamed or embarrassed for not being perfect. It IS about finding peace with the past. It IS about making healthy choices for now. It IS about having a healthy inner voice.

Many of these emotions have been soothed through the techniques I use today, Reiki and Meditation. These two areas I choose to focus on now, as tools to share to everyone as stress management.

I want to be there for people who can relate to hard emotional struggles and are ready to heal themselves.

I truly enjoy helping individuals discover additional paths towards thriving and I enjoy helping the helper.