Go-to low back stretches

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Fantastic stretches to work into your life

There are a few MUST DO stretches I came across for the low back and wanted to share because they are a part of my daily and nightly regimen. Aside from doing these few stretches (which equals a total of 5 minutes) I also take Cherry Extract to support the synovial fluid, and a Fish Oil to decrease inflammation. Standard Process also makes some wonderful Joint Support products Hip Flexor stretch.

When we stretch out the front of the pelvis, it should ease up the pull you might feel on the low back. You can also try this standing up as if you were going into a lunge. To deepen this stretch, you can also raise your arms above your head. If you sit a lot during the day or keep your legs crossed often, this is a good one to try!

Piriformis stretch (a deep glute muscle) When this muscle gets tight, it might pinch the sciatic nerve; the idea then, is to keep this muscle loose. Cross one leg over the other and pull on the underneath leg towards your torso. Feels so nice to stretch this one. For an added bonus, place a tennis ball under the cheek of the crossed leg, and gently roll back and forth over it.

It looks similar to the performs stretch, only you're not going to cross the bent leg over. This stretch helps give some traction to the low back muscles. If you are using a tennis ball, you can place it right at the base of the sacrum to increase the traction. Further more, you can pull both legs to the chest at the same time if desired.

Additionally, I use doTERRA’s Deep Blue Rub for topical application to any sore or stiff spots and the wintergreen inside just decreases that pain. After a rough day of exercise, I will take a warm shower and apply liberally so I can fall asleep feeling like a candy cane!