Alone Time; not just a parenting myth

Parents- Are you finding alone time to do what you love?

If you are physically able to do activities on your own or with others, it can improve how we feel while also decreasing our stress levels. We need to make sure our own needs are met as much as possible before we can really be there for our family. Maybe it’s drawing, dancing, making beer, playing cards, going to the movies, finding new music, reading a new book or taking a walk on a new trail. The important thing is to take the time to treat yourself to your happiness. It can be a challenge with little ones at home and/or juggling jobs and transportation; but even one hour of time you can spend where you focus on yourself can feel like a great reward and be just enough for your reset button.

Think about it, if your mind is consistently focused on taking care of others or getting ahead on finances, we often neglect our present selves. I’m not talking about grabbing lunch or a drink with friends, not even a date night with your partner/spouse, I’m talking about having a meaningful date with yourself!

When I was a single mom for several years, I made a pedicure appointment for myself about every-other month at the end of my work day and made arrangements to be one hour later picking up the kids. I also found Groupon deals for paint nights, tours and other neat how-to project making classes about once every 5-8 weeks. It was a big deal to have time to go and do something by myself, for myself! I didn’t feel guilty, well, I did at first, but once I noticed how much more calm I felt and that I was able to share more of myself with my kids, I budgeted my income to support this expense. I rekindled my love for doodling, got into craft beer tastings and other art projects that has continued into my relationship with my now-husband.

My husband loves to take motorcycle rides by himself, tinker around the garage, work on his car or take up learning a song on his bass. We give each other time alone to enjoy ourselves doing what we love to do on our own because it does make a difference.

Are you finding alone time to do what you love?