One-on-One Meditation Workshop

45minute session, $35


  • Learn how to meditate and be in the moment

  • Develop a stronger connection with your inner thoughts, have more energy, or learn how to strengthen your chakras

  • Learn meditation basics and tools to continue to practice meditation

  • Those interested in becoming Reiki practitioners are advised to have a strong meditation foundation

Setting Energetic Boundaries

$35, 60 minute session

  • Great for those with careers in the Health & Wellness, Sales, Beauty and Service industries (Massage Therapist, Psychologist, Chiropractor, Office manager, Nurse, Hair Stylist, Instructor/Professor, etc.)

  • Great for empaths in general

  • If you're feeling depleted during or after work, you may need to strengthen your energetic boundaries

  • If you notice your mood changes depending on how other people behave, or sometimes feel what someone else feels too much that it effects you physically, you may need to strengthen your energetic boundaries

  • Recognize your energy field and reinforce it so you don’t “take-on” from other people as well as how to “cleanse” your energy field and restore it

*Essential oils, crystals, stones and/or reading materials may be included as part of this session for the client to keep.