What can I expect from a session?

*PLEASE arrive 5-10minutes early for all sessions to ensure full allotted time of service* -If you’re coming in for a Reiki session, wear comfortable clothing and try to eat lighter meals beforehand. When first arriving, there will be a brief intake between client and practitioner to discuss any goals for the session, such as a focus on healing any emotional wounds or supporting an immune system function. Reiki is performed while the client lies on the massage table with any blankets or pillows for comfort and the practitioner will stand or sit throughout, sometimes placing hands on the client over their clothes or hovering hands above the clients body. Sometimes, but not always, or per client request, singing bowls, crystals or essential oils are used. -When coming in for your first Stress Management session, we will spend 45-60 minutes filling out a questionairre to personalize your following sessions. -Communication with your massage therapist is most important! Please share any necessary information during your intake time.

How is music incorporated into a session?

It is important to request if you would like the music to be louder or softer; it may seem silly, but music can have a profound effect on your experience. I understand the distracting nature music can have whether an instument is hitting an extremely high note or chanting is lasting too long. It takes 2 seconds to change a track or turn down the volume, so please feel comfortable making any related request.

What level of pressure is used?

Reiki sessions uses light hand placements. Cranial Sacral Therapy uses light hand placements. Massage services vary from light to firm pressure. It is important that you communicate with your massage therapist what level of comfort you prefer.

How else do I ensure your comfort?

Smaller details, such as the position of the head rest, bolster that is used under the ankles or knees to relieve back pressure, temperature, can all be adjusted. Please feel comfortable making requests for any adjustments. Your comfort is my priority and part of our communication.

What products do you sell?

For your convience, Leslie has carefully selected mindful products to enhance your journey. Books, Essential Oil blends, Crystals, Jewelry, and other similar items are available. We now host a variety of products online and are constantly adding to our store.

What are our hours?

Each practioner has their own schedule and is by appointment only. Please go to each practioners page to find their schedule and contact them. DUE TO COVID- there are NO in-studio sessions

Do your Reiki Instruction classes provide CEU credits?

No. This choice was made for several reasons. -It keeps the cost down -Allows each class to be organic based on student needs and size, while still keeping the integrity of the work. -More inclusive to all seeking this form of energywork However, all required guidelines are followed for each level and certificates given

How do I purchase doTERRA Essential Oils wholesale?

Are you interested in purchasing your items wholesale? Signing up is easy, with no monthly commitment. www.mydoterra.com/lesliecarey Are you wanting to be a doTERRA Advocate? Contact Beth Ford! www.producedlocallyco-op.com