Client Love

Do yourself a massive favor and book an appointment with Erin. Her massage skills are truly MAGIC. It's hard to know who is really going to give you exactly the massage you need, and Erin did just that. Absolutely perfect pressure and flow. Highly recommend!

-Christine R. 

I wish I knew Erin when I was pregnant! 
I moved to Asheville 6 months ago and hadn't gotten a massage since well before the move. My little one finally started daycare and as a reward to myself I decided to get a massage.
It. Was. Heaven.
Perfect pressure for me and she checked in to ensure it was on point. I floated out and will be back for more!

-Samantha K. 

This was my first reiki experience and it was fabulous. I asked Leslie some questions beforehand so I could understand it better. The session felt very restorative and soothing to me. I loved that she ended my session with some angel cards- the angel cards were so on point for what I'm going through- which made it feel even more powerful. I love the way she has the room set up- the space feels very good and nurturing. I highly recommend.

-Rachel S. /2019

Awesome massage! Had a one hour deep tissue massage with Erin and it left me feeling unbelievable. I get massages fairly regularly. This was the first time I was with Erin. She has a real gift. I look forward to getting back again. Highly recommend!

-Kate A. /2019

Leslie is absolutely amazing. She is a breath of fresh air, spilling love and compassion. She is extremely relatable, and easy to work with, making any experience with her a natural one.

I experienced my first reiki session with her a few weeks ago. I had a brief (sort of) session a year prior and I left wanting more. Leslie did not disappoint! Her space is peaceful and relaxing, which allowed me to feel safe and open. After our session we discussed the experience, and shared our notes. Which was a fantastic way to end. I had questions about my experience while on her table, and she takes the time to answer, which helped me gain a new sense of peace and acceptance.

Leslie has a gift, for sure. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lost, or needing to connect deeper with yourself or someone else, Leslie is a perfect guide to help you find the peace you need.

-ERIN K./ 2019

What ever ails you look no further for relief and improved wellness. Leslie has been a blessing to have met and to have worked on me.  Her ability to pick up on the subtle and healing energies help move me in a direction of joy and light.  I would not be were I am today with out her work. 
She remembers the smallest details time and time again with each appointment. She also referrers movements and tips to work on at home to continue my healing journey.  
Over all she is a gifted soul I've grown to treasure in my life. Added bonus she is a SUPER rad, down to earth lady. If you have the slightest bit of anxiety with getting into energy work etc. She will def put that to ease. I know she did for me. Do yourself a favor and book ASAP. A treasure like her is a real find!

-ELYSE C./ 2018

Leslie has been my massage therapist for the past 4 years in Austin and is the best therapist ever!  I highly recommend her for massages, cranial sacral, or healing therapy.  Her positive, caring spirit shows through in her work and conversations, and she seems to intuitively know the right amount of pressure that your body needs during the sessions.  If you are looking for healing therapy or a relaxing break from life stressors, Leslie is the best you will find!

-TANIA T. / 2018

I cannot give Leslie enough praise, she works magic! I needed treatment before a procedure as well as after, and I was so comfortable in her company and knew I was in good hands. Leslie helped speed up my healing time and I was back to my normal lifestyle soon after.

-FAITH S. / 2018

I had such an amazing Reiki session with Leslie yesterday. I haven't received much Reiki work and I was unsure of what to expect. My session turned out to be so dynamic and so wonderful. She tuned into some things emotional, some physical and some silly, actually- all of which I was surprised she picked up on! She's great at making one feel comfortable and I felt amazing after my session–more deeply tuned into myself, but also lighter than I came. Thank you so much!

— ARIANA M. / 2017

Leslie is the best! She was such a positive contribution to my recovery from whiplash, I decided to keep going to her on a regular basis. She listens, she cares, and she's really really good at helping my body, mind and spirit let go of the gunk that gets in my way.

— THERESA W. / 2017

If you haven't had the opportunity to receive a massage from Leslie Carey, you are missing out on the best massage anywhere in the entire universe!!! Leslie is the most intuitive, kind, thoughtful and experienced massage therapist I have ever been to. Leslie's ability to quickly find a trouble spot(s) is amazing. By then end of the massage you are literally floating. My entire family (hubby, daughter, son) all swear by her. She has an incredible healing touch and I will go to Leslie for years to come.

— DONNA W. / 2016

I have been seeing Leslie for over 2 years. I am in my 60's and deal with painful back, shoulder, and leg problems. Leslie has been a god send - she has helped my pain a great deal and reduced my stress level. I couldn't do without her.

— FRAN H. / 2016

I have multiple sclerosis & cancer. Needless to say, my body is a bit wacky. Leslie made it so that I am getting full rage of motion back on BOTH sides!! She's absolutely amazing!!!!!

— SHANI H. / CPA/DJ/ Austin/ 2016

I absolutely love Leslie and her calming presence. Each time I have used her services I don't only leave completely relaxed, relieved of tension and soreness, but also very educated on what Leslie is performing during her therapeutic massage. She listens completely to what is causing pain and applies the perfect attention to what is needed, keeping you fully aware of what she is doing while doing it. I cannot give her enough stars to express how much I appreciate, value, and suggest Leslie's work!


I've seen many massage therapists and Leslie is definitely one of the best. What I love about her massages is that they are different every time. She absolutely addresses the issues/tightness/pain that you have when you come in- there is nothing formulaic about her methods. This woman knows her stuff! I always leave feeling happier, more relaxed, less tight and great!


Leslie was our masseuse for a couple of years in the Las Vegas area until she moved with her family for "greener pastures". My wife and I have been married for 38 years and have lived in five different states and four different countries in that time. We consider Leslie the BEST overall massage therapist we have ever had. Leslie is very personable, knowledgable and attentive in personalizing the nuances of each person's massage needs. We miss her and it goes without saying we highly recommend Leslie for your next therapeutic massage.

JEFF S. / 2013

I have used massage therapy across the U.S. and abroad. Leslie's techniques and skills are unsurpassed as a therapist. Plagued with chronic tightness in my lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves I consulted Leslie on a technique that would best suit my needs. Leslie suggested "Thai Yoga Massage." After working on me for sometime, I left feeling 20 years younger. I have known Leslie for many years now and in my travels I have never came across a therapist with more blessed skills than Leslie Carey. Thank you Leslie!

ROWDY W. / 2013

In February 2009 I woke up one morning and could not turn my head from side to side. I began bi-weekly chiropractic sessions... AND I found Leslie, an amazing massage therapist. The muscles on the left side of my neck had wrapped around some nerves and it was extremely painful. Leslie was patient and very thorough. I started out with half hour massages every week. In a very short period of time, I began to experience relief from the pain, and with every massage, the relief lasted longer and longer. Leslie helped me with stretches and exercises I could do between sessions and she was always willing to explain what was happening with my muscles. The wonders of a ‘Leslie massage’ never cease to amaze me... over the last couple of years, I have come in with a sore back, a tight leg muscle or a problem with my feet. Leslie can find the problem area almost immediately and she goes to work getting my muscles back into place. I appreciate Leslie because she has changed my life in so many ways. I always leave the office feeling GREAT and with a smile on my face. She has a positive aura I will truly miss. If you are reading this note and considering Leslie as a personal massage therapist decide to hire her right now! Leslie is outstanding and you will be extremely happy that you are connected to her. 


This is to acknowledge that for the past four years I have been fortunate to have Leslie Nichols as my massage therapist. She has helped me relieve my aches and pains over this period of time. She indeed is one therapist that cares and loves to be there for her clients, always ready to help them in any way she can. I wish Leslie the very best with her move to a new location, she will be deeply missed.

DODIE B. / 2012

I was receiving regular massages from Leslie Carey when she was located in Henderson, Nevada. I found her to be very well versed in all aspects of massage and related therapies and, perhaps just as importantly, able to apply and advise vis-a-vis best practices towards total wellness. Technically I would rate Leslie at the very top tier of the many massage therapists I have received treatment from over at least two decades.

MICHAEL M. / 2012

I have been working with Leslie Carey for several years and I can truly say she “had my back.” I had a misstep involving an expansion joint in a sidewalk and developed 4 bulging disks, 1 herniated disk and found out I also had degenerative disk disease. With excruciating and almost debilitating back pain, I went to a back surgeon. He sent me to physical therapy; what a disaster. They didn’t know what to do with me... Before long and with no improvement, I quit going. I did some Spinal Aid shot treatments which did help relieve some of the worst of the pain but I was still in so much discomfort I had to revamp most of my lifestyle. I began seeing the chiropractor and that is where I first met Leslie. I began regular massage treatments with Leslie and that was the beginning of the end of my pain. Of course, I still have some occasional discomfort, but I see her at least every other week. I never knew there were so many different kinds of massage until I met Leslie. She knows what kind of massage to use depending on my symptoms or muscle condition. She really “listens” to my body and works her magic to relieve my pain or tension. She is gentle when she needs to be and stretches the limits when she needs to.


I experienced frozen shoulder after shoulder surgery. I had surgery in January 2010, and went to physical therapy 2 to 3 times a week. In May my shoulder was no longer able to lift above my head, nor would it move to my back, plus I was in severe pain almost all the time. My physical therapist said there was nothing he could do, I would need another surgery to get my range of motion back and relieve the pain. I turned to my chiropractors and their massage therapist, Leslie. Leslie worked on my arm weekly delivering deep massages to break up the scar tissue. At first it was painful, but as the weeks went on the pain lessened each time with the massages and the big difference was I was actually going days now without pain, and was increasing my range of motion. I am now at 90% range of movement without pain. I feel confident that with a bit more treatment between the Dr.’s and Leslie, I will get back 100% of my range pain free. Leslie worked wonders on my arm, shoulder and neck. I am so thankful for her helping me recover without another surgery.

CYNDI D. / 2012

Leslie is one of the best massage therapists I’ve encountered over the years. Truly a professional in every sense of the word. Starting with her attention to the patient’s comfort, Leslie is trained in the use of a variety of massage techniques that are highly effective in helping to relax your muscles and relieve built-up stress. Coupled with regular chiropractic treatments, Leslie’s massages have been an integral part of my holistic treatment for back ailments. Whether you need an extended massage or even a short massage, your trapezius, latissimus dorsi, and rhomboids will thank you the next day for treating them to Leslie’s gifted hands.

GARY K. / 2012

I cannot tell you in words how much you have helped me over the past two years that I have lived in Las Vegas. I will truly miss you and your healing touch! Your innate sensitivity always seems to zero in on my exact problem when I am on your massage table. I walk out of the clinic feeling renewed and out of pain. It is amazing to me that you are able to accomplish this result with your hands. Your reiki treatments were so wonderful also. You are definitely multi-talented! You have become much more to me than my massage therapist! I wish you the best of luck in your move as you start on a new adventure. Those who find you and are lucky enough to have you become their therapist are in for a treat as you help them heal their pain.

LINDA S. / 2012

I am a doctor of Chiropractic and I would like to give my highest referral to Leslie. Over the years I have tried many different forms of massage therapy, in many different countries and from many massage therapists. Leslie is one of the best therapists that I have been fortunate enough to have found. Her talents include the ability to listen not only with her ears, but with her hands. This, combined with her advanced training in healing arts make her stand out as a true gift for those seeking wellness and or relief from pain.