Archangelic Light

Archangelic Light sessions

$65 for approx. 45 minutes including intake. May include sound healing and aromatherapy

Spiritual energetic healing connected to the Archangels and Divine Feminine to help soothe: 

  • All conditions of emotions

  • Fear

  • Confusion

  • Stress

  • Obstacles connected with psyche

This form of healing is known to go directly to the root of problems and override energetic "blocks" and balance irrational fears. 

Archangelic Light and Reiki combination sessions

$85 for approx. 75 minutes including intake. May include sound healing and aromatherapy

Youth Sessions (ages 8-17) $45 for approx. 45 minutes

Pediatric Sessions (ages 0-8) price determined by needs and severity, on or off-site treatment, but not to exceed $110 per session. 

Sessions designed for those seeking a more intense treatment to ease dynamic issues. 

  • Addiction

  • Autism

  • Toxic behavioral patterns

Sally has seen significant results with these sessions such as immediate behavioral changes in both adults and children.